Alba Guerrero

Alba Guerrero was born in Huelva and is currently living in Barcelona. She started her musical education at the Cristina Heeren Foundation of Flamenco Art in Seville with the great masters Naranjito de Triana y Manuel Soler, among others. In Barcelona she continued her musical studies at the Taller de Músics and in 2010 she graduated with the Grado Superior de Cante Flamenco from ESMUC.

As a profesional soloist and often accompanied by the great guitar players Juan Ramón Caro, Paco Garfia and Juan Carlos Gómez, she has been featured in great flamenco and world music Festivals in Spain and internationally: Festival Flamenc Ciutat Vella, DeCajón!, Mas i Mas, 30 Nits in Sabadell, Festival Internacional de flamenco in Geneva, Festival de flamenco in Baden (Switzerland), Flamenco Festival in Zurich, Flamenco puro in Turin (Italy), Villa Cellimontana Jazz Festival in Rome (Italy), MPB Barcelona, Festival Asia, el Grec, Mercat de Música Viva of Vic, Go jazz in Holland, Festivale Internazionale de Musica e Cultura Latini Americana and Festival Vocci de Donne in Italy, among others.

 Alba has ample experience singing for dance as she has not only worked in the most important tablaos in Barcelona, but has also toured with dance companies such as Increpación Danza throughout England, Italy, France, Holland, Switzerland, Russia, Morocco, India, Egypt and Nigeria.

Her experience as a composer and musical director began in 2010 with the opening of 7 DÍAS at the DeCajón! Festival, and continues with the show UN SECRETO A VOCES at the Festival Flamenc Ciutat Vella’11, in which POLIFONÍA JONDA will also debut (2012).

 She has recorded a documentary with original music for the TV3 program Jazz a l’estudi.

She has also recorded with Blas Córdoba (produced by Chano Domínguez), Joan Isaac, Color Humano, Daniel Cros, La Media Luna, Koskilleo, Els Cremats, Carles Mestre and Manolo Martínez Trío.

 Outstanding among her participation in many musical projects spanning flamenco and the music of the world are her collaboration with the Arab Orchestra of Barcelona, the Guitar Orchestra of Barcelona singing songs of Amor Brujo, the bandaèria de Xavier Maristany, the Catalan rumba group Sabor de Gràcia, flamenco fusion ensamble Koskilleo (with whom she made possible the Ressons Tour), and also as a soloist together with Miquel Gil, Lídia Pujol, Cris Juanico and Roger Mas in the Traditional Mediterranian music show Notícia del Regne de Mallorques and in the work Cripta Güell by master Mauricio Sotelo.

 Alba has been awarded many prizes, notably the First Fandango Femenine competition of the flamenco association la Taxonera in Barcelona.

 She worked as an instructor at the Barcelona Profesional Conservatory of Dance Institute of theatre and the Rafael Cañizares School. Currently she teaches at ESMUC and ESEM-TM.

 Recently she has published an article La técnica vocal en el cante flamenco (vocal tecnique for flamenco singers) at the Second INFLA conference (2010) at the University of Seville, working with Bienal de Flamenco.